May 27, 2019

PC Show 2019 – 5 tips to gear up and get ready

The PC Show is just around the corner (30 May – 2 June), and we’ve prepared 5 tips that will help you sieve through the noise and make the best use of your time at the show!

1. Figure out what you want

If you’re going to the show with the intention to get a new device, figure out beforehand what you want from the device.

For example, if you intend to get a new custom desktop, settle on what you want the desktop to do — if you want a gaming-ready desktop, start with finding out what sort of hardware is recommended for playing your games at the resolution and quality settings that you want. YouTube is usually a good resource for this information, but you are free to ask for our recommendations as well!

2. Do your research beforehand

It’s good to brush up on some tech knowledge before you head down to the show, so that you can easily digest the information that’s being shared with you.

We would advise starting with some Googling. For instance, if you’re a video editor and want a new editing workstation, you might want to search for “Hardware requirements for Premiere Pro CC” or if you’re a gamer, then “Apex Legends benchmarks at 1440p” might be appropriate.

3. Download the floor plan & brochures

There are a ton of exhibitors at the show, and you really don’t want to spend time looking for a particular booth, or be overloaded with information when you sieve through brochures.

Thankfully, organizers often put up floor plans prior to the show, and HardwareZone has the good sense to compile most brochures and put them online on the first day.

It’s worth waiting for these to be published, and heading down to the show only after you’ve taken your time to digest and distill the information.

4. Know what questions to ask at the show

Brochures won’t always have all the answers you need, so make a list of the questions you want to have answered, and have sales staff answer them at the show. The last thing you want to do is to leave the show grounds only to realize that you still have unanswered questions!

Also related to points #1 and #2 above, it’s probably not the best idea to ask basic questions at the show — most of the sales staff you’ll encounter at the show are part-time staff, and they’re most likely trained to answer questions related to promotions and what’s being sold rather than to educate customers. Because of this, answers can often be incomplete or misleading depending on who you ask.

The good news — we only hire part-time staff from a close and trusted group of individuals, and have more than one training session before the show! This ensures that they’re technically competent and are better equipped to answer your questions.

5. Ask yourself — do you actually need to go to the show?

If you’ve already got your eye on something that you like, and it’s within your budget, consider taking the plunge and making your purchase prior to the IT Show.

Not only will this save you from squeezing with crowds at MBS, it’ll also allow you to enjoy your new device sooner, so you can be at home playing Apex Legends on your new desktop while the rest of Singapore amasses in the Marina Bay area.

Dreamcore @ PC Show 2019 – MBS Expo & Convention Level 1, Booth 8005

If you enjoyed these tips, comment and let us know! If you’re headed to the show anyway, make sure to drop by the Dreamcore booth – we’ll be running a ton of discounts, free upgrades, PCs for cash-and-carry, and show-exclusive freebies with every Dreamcore PC purchased.

See you there!