May 07, 2018

Hello World! (and The Price of Dreams)

Considering Dreamcore has been officially around for about a year now, it’s most definitely time to pen down some thoughts about our journey this past year, and to share a little about where we’re headed in 2018.   We have to say we’ve been super stoked to have been supplying awesome technology to all of you and we can’t thank you enough for believing in us.

Why did you start Dreamcore?

Some ask me in bemusement; others in skepticism. Both questions rightfully underscore the general market sentiment of declining PC sales and overall competitive market of existing players. And believe me, I’ve gone through my fair share of self doubt before deciding to embark on this journey. The real reason behind my motivation is actually pretty simple — Change.

sta·tus quo
/ˌstādəs ˈkwō/
the existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues.

Dreamcore was founded on the belief of stewardship – I believe in leaving things in a better state than which we found them. Many a time we are caught between providing better value or driving more revenue. We always choose the former. This means that if there’s a better way to do something, we strive to explore possibilities and give our customers the best there is. Thankfully, our customers and partners feel the same way too, and have welcomed our innovative products and unique perspective on collaboration with open arms.

Leading The Pack

Dreamcore One - Singapore's smallest custom computer

Dreamcore is the first local custom PC company to identify the Ultra Small Form Factor (uSFF) trend in the market and launched our flagship Dreamcore One in March 2017. Its diminutive size, sharp minimalist design and beautiful aircraft grade aluminum shell was something few had seen or experienced before. Our competitors generally stuck to using cases sold locally, and they scrambled to come up with something original of their own — failing to do so for many months on end. Dreamcore One recently won the best gaming rig award — you can read Hardwarezone’s review of Dreamcore One here.

After securing our reputation for innovation and rejuvenating the local PC market, we began exploring a more comprehensive product stack. We launched the Dreamcore Reverie for power users who still wanted a tiny footprint, but high-end performance. It embodied our minimalist design aesthetic and sat in a beautiful midnight black shell with a sleek windowed panel, allowing customers to see its internals in all their glory.

The value-oriented Dreamcore Alpha then followed. We were the first to make RGB chassis light, RGB fans, clear side panels and custom braided cables a standard offering within this value segment, disrupting the lower end of the market.

Service & Education

Dreamcore's technology workshop in conjunction with MyRepublic

Having a great product stack wasn’t good enough. It was important that every Dreamcore purchase came with excellent service and this has now become the hallmark of the Dreamcore experience. We’re with you from start to finish, identifying and providing solutions to your every need. We also make it a point to educate the community with our posts about technology, or sharing our knowledge at free workshops like the one conducted in conjunction with MyRepublic.

Building up a brand from scratch is tough, so finding the right personnel for the job is important. While the founding members of Dreamcore come from a variety of backgrounds – banking, ex-gamer, entrepreneur – the two things we have in common are passion and tenacity. We would work without pay for months and work relentlessly day and night building upon our vision. We’ve not found many who would share this passion or undertake the necessary sacrifice… which brings me to an exciting announcement!

Acquisition: A Major Milestone

Dreamcore's acquisition of Anvil, a local boutique custom PC company

Dreamcore has officially agreed to acquire Anvil, another local boutique custom PC company that makes awesome custom workstations. As part of the acquisition, Anvil co-founder Eugene Lim will join Dreamcore. We warmly welcome all of Anvil’s existing customers, and will continue to honor and service all existing Anvil accounts with no service interruptions.

Why Anvil? Anvil shares Dreamcore’s values of trust, service and stewardship, and Anvil customers can heartily agree that their product and service levels are second to none. Having Anvil on board will allow Dreamcore to deliver immense value to our customers and continue creating the most innovative and advanced PCs and Workstations in the region.

Closing Words

If you’ve managed to read all the way to the bottom, congratulations, you’ve made it! I hope that this little snippet gives you some insight into the who, what and why that make up Dreamcore. Do keep an eye out for more posts on our blog, where we’ll be sharing awesome tech bites and more.

We have so much more in store for you, and we can’t wait to take you on this incredible journey with us. 2018 is setting up to be a massive year for Dreamcore and we’re seeing more and more people join our family.

If you want to find out more or just say hello, feel free to drop me a personal email at shaun@dreamcore.com.sg.


Shaun Tan
Founder, Dreamcore