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Each Dreamcore PC is a full, desktop class PC, similar to other PCs such as Dell, HP, Apple etc. Where it differs is that it is Singapore’s smallest, fully customizable PC that is made out of desktop class components, including a desktop class graphics card. Dreamcore is roughly 50% smaller than it’s closest competitors. You may choose from a preset of custom configurations, or email us if you require something wacky!

Dreamcore is not a Laptop. It’s close in dimensions to a large laptop, making it absurdly portable, yet retains high performing desktop parts. Laptops have their place for working on the go, but when it comes to gaming, laptops of similar configurations as their desktop counterparts are almost always substantially more expensive, not to mention made using highly proprietary components making it impossible to upgrade when new technology is released.

We’re committed to supporting our product and thus we’re introducing the Dreamcore Module System. Whenever new compatible technology is launched, our customers will be the first to know about them, and first to get their hands on them. Just head to the online module shop, pick up what you need and fix an arrangement with us for the upgrade. Our customers will always get the best prices in town for any upgrades. If you prefer buying compatible products from your favorite hardware store, there are absolutely no restrictions. You’re always in control.

If you require more than 5 Dreamcore PCs for your business or enterprise use, please get in touch with us at support@dreamcore.com.sg. We’re more than happy to cater to our enterprise customers with custom builds for every business need.

Each Dreamcore comes with 2 year parts and service warranty, with the first 3 months onsite. After 2 years, we will continue to provide free limited lifetime support. This means that we will provide free cleaning and thermal paste re-application; and if you purchase new parts from us, perform installation at no cost or hassle to you. If you require any assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@dreamcore.com.sg.

Dreamcore’s heat vents may seem like a great place to collect dust. Fortunately, the large vents on both panels of the case allows for dust that has been sucked in, to be easily expelled in the same manner. Compare this to a laptop or enclosed case where dust gets sucked in via thin gaps in the enclosure; the very same thin gaps prevent dust from easily getting out, causing long term heat build up and component damage. Dreamcore’s venting system and chassis is also extremely easy to open with a standard Phillips screwdriver, and clearing the dust once every 6 – 12 months with compressed air takes only a minute or so. (We do this free of charge for you as part of your lifetime warranty)

Design, Performance and Thermals

Yes. Dreamcore will get warm to the touch under extended periods of heavy loads such as hours of gaming or video rendering. The high quality aluminum in fact acts as an excellent heatsink, drawing heat away from the hot components. We have run extensive benchmarks and load testing, and components are never in danger of being overheated.

As with all pieces of electronics, Dreamcore should not be placed in a poorly ventilated space, or horizontal without first ensuring there are gaps for airflow. The best place to place Dreamcore is next to your monitor!

We provide custom paint services for our customers. If you want a color that’s not available on the configurator, just select the “Custom” option and we’ll work with you to finalize the color that you want.


Absolutely yes! Our base configurations are VR ready, so just hook up your favorite HMD and you’re ready to rumble!

Most definitely! We’d be more than happy to help you configure your Dreamcore from scratch. Let us know if you require specific components such as Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC memory or workstation GPUs. Drop us an email at support@dreamcore.com.sg, and we’ll get back with a quote.

Dreamcore proudly runs Windows 10 Home 64bit. Accelerate both productivity and gaming with the most advanced Windows yet.

Dreamcore does not come pre-installed with any other software. We do not fill up your new system with bloatware such as subscription based antivirus or shady backup software. We make it a point to provide you the cleanest build you can possibly find.

Dreamcore is built using quality components from reputable brands such as Samsung, Corsair, Zotac and other established manufacturers. We do not lock the system into a particular brand as we want the best features in each Dreamcore.

Shipping and Handling

We ship all Dreamcore PCs via Ninja Van islandwide. Depending on your specific configuration, each Dreamcore PC may take up to 2-3 weeks before it reaches your door step. This is just an indicative amount of time as each Dreamcore is hand built and thoroughly tested before we give it the stamp of approval. We usually fulfill orders within a week.

We do not ship internationally at this time.

Lead times for shipping (once order has been fulfilled) is around 5-9 business days. There are absolutely no additional shipping costs involved. Lead times may increase with higher demand, and customers will be notified accordingly.