Sep 05, 2019

Dreamcore’s at COMEX 2019!

It’s that time of the year again – come by Dreamcore’s booth 8301 at COMEX, Suntec City Convention Centre Level 4 to check out our new refreshed custom PC lineup, our new category of Dream Builds ready to ship desktops, and witness Hydro X in person!

Introducing Dream Builds – our new category of desktops features 6 exciting models that each cater to a specific level of performance.

These desktops are ready for cash and carry at COMEX 2019, so come by to try them out for yourself!

Flushed, non-perforated front panels are so 2018. Our refreshed Dreamcore Ghost v3.0 and Dreamcore Alpha now feature Nano Mesh front panels for superior and unimpeded airflow.

Deck these out with the latest AMD Ryzen 3000 processors and NVIDIA RTX Graphics Cards, and show off your components with the Dreamcore Ghost v3.0’s hinged Zero Mount tempered glass side panel, and the Dreamcore Alpha’s full-bodied tempered glass side panel.

Corsair has selected Dreamcore to exclusively launch Hydro X in Singapore! Come by our booth 8301 at Suntec Convention Centre Level 4 to check out the absolute latest in custom cooling, and see what Hydro X has to offer.

We’re proud to showcase the SuperSolid XG340R at COMEX! Featuring a 34-inch 1500R curved display with an Ultrawide QHD resolution at 100Hz refresh rate, the XG340R is a joy for both gamers and creators alike. See it for yourself at our booth 8301 at COMEX 2019!


COMEX Promotions

As part of our COMEX, Dreamcore will be offering a ton of special promotions, including:

  • – Free upgrades to 3000MHz RAM for 16GB and above
  • – Free upgrades to our brand new 256GB Ultrafast Dreamcore NVMe SSD
  • – Additional $50 discount on the Dreamcore Odyssey
  • – 16GB RAM + Dreamcore Wi-Fi / Bluetooth for only $70
  • – Free water-cooling service for our Alpha Pro
  • – and more!

Come by COMEX to speak with our experienced show staff – let us help find the right PC for you!

Custom PCs Done Right.