Powered by ASUS

Dreamcore is proud to be an official parter with ASUS, the world’s No. 1 Motherboard and Graphics Card manufacturer.

Powered by ASUS is a global program across more than 40 countries providing the very best customized systems. These tailored rig feature a best-selling ASUS motherboard and graphics card, with a wide array of industry-leading gaming monitors, routers, CPU coolers, power supplies, chassis, and peripherals available for a seamless fusion of synchronized features and tuned performance.

Unrivalled, Unparalleled, Unbelieveable

ASUS’s state-of-the-art GPUs and motherboards deliver unparalleled performance, speed, and stability that allows gamers to immerse themselves in their favorite games like never before.

This is crucial in helping us achieve the Dreamcore advantage for our custom PC.

Feature-Rich Components

Components from ASUS contain many hardware and software features, such as Armory Crate and TweakIt, giving our customers extreme control over their PCs.

Push your Dreamcore PC to its max potential or customize it to your needs, you do you with ASUS!

Dreamers’ Top Choice

ASUS is the number one manufacturer of PC components in the world. Today, one in every three computers houses an ASUS motherboard.

ASUS is also the recipient of our Dreamer’s Choice Award, given to brands whose components have been the best-selling among Dreamcore customers. Don’t just listen to use, listen to everyone else!

Everyone’s Favourite

From top-notch components to cutting-edge gadgets and accessories, ASUS has got you covered in every aspect. We’re proud to have ASUS products available in our store, and we invite you to drop by and explore their award-winning products. Experience the excellence and innovation first-hand and discover why ASUS has garnered such well-deserved recognition.

  • Best Motherboard Brand (14 consecutive years)
  • Best Graphics Card Brand (14 consecutive years)
  • Best Gaming Monitor (8 consecutive years)
  • Best Wireless Networking Brand (10 consecutive years)
  • Best Convertible Laptop Brand
  • Best Specialty Laptop Brand
  • Best Gaming Laptop Brand

The Industry’s Best

Watch our explainer video on why ASUS is one of the industry’s absolute best component brands. There’s a lot to learn from “old-man ASUS”!