The perfect balance

Form meets function with the Ridge, our latest slim small-form-factor desktop custom PC that puts the mini in mini-ITX with the power of a full custom desktop PC. Designed for the everyday Singaporean home, the Ridge integrates seamlessly into your living space like no other.


Primed for airflow

An all-around mesh design optimized for ventilation, along with a stylish fabric front, ensures maximum cooling potential, keeps dust out, and serves as a sleek and modern design that will complement any gaming or workstation setup. Bring on the heat with the Ridge!


Form meets function

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Available in black

Choices, choices. The Ridge also comes in a stunning all-black design! Turn heads with the Ridge – available in both colours – with a touch of sophistication and stealth to your set-up.


All-around access

Form is minimised by stripping away any unnecessary space, but what’s form without function? Every panel of the Ridge is removable for easier manintenance and access into your build.Enjoy unrivalled access to the Ridge in any way, shape or form.


Form meets function

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Defining form with function

Boasting a slim 12.6L footprint, the Ridge is meticulously engineered to support graphics cards up to 338 mm long, AIO liquid cooling, up to two 120/140mm fans, and various storage devices. Enjoy towering performance and maximum function in the most minimal of forms with the Ridge.


Form meets function

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World-class components

Power your build with the latest and greatest graphics cards in the universe – be it from NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon. From 1080p to 4K, enjoy the latest graphics card technologies such as Ray Tracing to spice up your gaming experience. Pair that with the most powerful Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen 9 processors for the ultimate custom PC experience.


A partnership that lasts

Equip your Ridge with the best hardware the universe has to offer. The Ridge’s range of curated components come from the world’s best manufacturers, ensuring that your experience is reliable as it is fuss-free.


Form meets function

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Play hard, rest easy


With Dreamcore’s comprehensive 3-year warranty (first year on-site) and lifetime phone/chat support, we’ll handle the awful, so you can focus on being awesome.

Built with love, tested with rigor


Every crafted Dreamcore custom PC goes through an extensive series of multitasking benchmarks, along with task-specific burn-in stress tests. We put your custom PC through the fire, ensuring that it’s virtually indestructible.

Service second to none


Chat with us online, or visit our showroom! We’re happy to help with any questions you may have—pleasant experience guaranteed!

Dreamcore Ridge Chassis

External Dimensions
(Height x Width x Length):

39.5 cm x 11cm x 37.4 cm

11.5cm x 37.5cm x 35.5cm


Motherboard Compatability:
Mini ITX


Key Chassis Features

Primary Materials: Steel, Aluminum
Finish: Black/White

– Quasi-Filter Mesh Panels
– All-Around Removable Panels
– Feet Support for Multiple Configurations


Front I/O Ports

1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C
2x USB 3.0
1x Combo jack – Audio/Microphone
1x Power button
1x LED power

– Dreamcore Ridge Custom Desktop PC
– Power Adapter
– Authentic Windows 11 Key (if applicable)
– Completed Stress-Test and Benchmark Checklist
– Quick Start and Warranty Guide

Each Dreamcore Ridge comes with:
– 3 years parts and service warranty with first-year onsite
– Lifetime basic servicing plan (includes cleaning and thermal paste application)

Form meets function

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Form meets function

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