The perfect way to play

Introducing Dream Machine, the perfect centerpiece in your sleek, beautiful and minimalist gaming setup. Designed for the modern gamer, this small form factor desktop PC delivers performance and aesthetics in a package that’s perfectly suited to fit on any desk.


Big-time performance, small-sized package

15.7 litres is all the space you need to drive dreamlike performance for your high refresh rate gaming needs. Experience gaming superiority with real-time ray tracing at ultra-high resolutions without screen tearing, stutter or excessive heat.


Double the appeal and dominate in style

The Dream Machine is the first and only small form factor custom PC in Singapore that comes standard with dual tempered glass side panels, designed to showcase your vertically mounted graphics card and a 240 mm AIO CPU liquid cooler in a gorgeous sandwiched-style configuration.


Simple, superior, quiet airflow

Your Dream Machine was designed to last. Experience superior airflow with up to 2 x 120 mm bottom intake fans and a top-mounted 240 mm radiator for exhaust. Expect quiet performance and direct airflow with the Dream Machine’s ultra efficient 4-fan layout.


Compact gaming, superior airflow

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Toned for simplicity


Style your Dream Machine in Midnight Black or Gunmetal Grey, both perfectly flexible colours that promise to blend seamlessly into any desk setup.

Focus on what’s important


The graphics card is every gamer’s best friend and yours deserves to stay in the limelight. Choose from a variety of models that will turn your Dream Machine into an RGB accented showcase or industrially elegant powerhouse.

Premium materials


Your Dream Machine is flanked by two tempered glass side panels that envelop it from top-to-bottom in a dark-tinted finish for your viewing pleasure, perfectly complemented by aluminium-magnesium alloy panels all around for a classy aesthetic.

Tailored to your needs


Choose hardware that fits you like a glove. All Dream Machines come with on-board Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a front USB Type-C port running at USB 3.2 Gen 2, along with a host of rear input/output ports for a wide range of connectivity options.

Compact gaming, superior airflow

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The best hardware the world has to offer

The ability to choose is a quintessential component of the Dreamcore experience. Equip your Dream Machine with the popular AMD Ryzen 5000 series Zen 3 processors or the latest Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake processors, and pair that with the best in class NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards for a machine that’s suited to your fancy.


Room to weave dreams

Whether you stream your gameplay live or record it for editing, your Dream Machine was designed to accommodate your playstyle. Fit up to a total of two expandable storage drives on top of your primary M.2 SSD for all the expandable storage you need.


Service that’s second to none

Your Dream Machine was designed to see you through every raid, chicken dinner, or spike plant. Like all Dreamcore custom PCs, your Dream Machine is covered by lifetime technical support and 3 years of warranty with the first year on-site. We can’t guarantee you’ll beat every 2 Gate Zealot Rush, but we’ll make sure you get to enjoy every moment that you spend trying.


The perfect desktop centerpiece

The Dreamcore experience is centered around getting you what you need to leave your opponents in the dust. Reclaim your desk with the Dream Machine today.



Footprint: 340 mm (length) x 169 mm (width)
Height: 273 mm
Volume: 15.69 L



Exterior panels: 2-3mm aluminium-magnesium alloy
Glass panels: 3mm dark-tinted tempered glass
Internal Structure: 1.5mm steel


Component Options

Take a look at our configuration page for the latest hardware options!



Front ports:
– 1x Power/reset combination button
– 1x USB Type C at 10Gbps (USB 3.1 Gen2)
– 1x USB Type A at 5Gbps (USB 3.0)

WiFi and Bluetooth comes standard with all Dream Machines.

Other rear ports are variable depending on your motherboard choice. Contact us if you have questions!

– Dreamcore Dream Machine Custom Desktop PC
– Power Adapter
– Authentic Windows 11 key (if applicable)
– Completed Stress-Test and Benchmark Checklist
– Quick Start and Warranty Guide

Each Dream Machine comes with:
– 3 years parts and service warranty with first-year onsite
– Lifetime basic servicing plan (includes cleaning and thermal paste application)

Compact gaming, superior airflow

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Compact gaming, superior airflow

Own your Dream Machine today
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