May 28, 2019

Dreamcore @ Computex 2019 Taipei

This year’s COMPUTEX falls on the exact same dates as our very own local PC Show 2019. Nonetheless the team has got you covered as always and we’re here onsite to give you guys the latest! We’re already blown away by the releases like Ryzen 3000 series CPUs (INSANE performance), PCIe 4.0 specifications/implementation, new cases and more. All these have already been publicly released, but we’re going to get up close and personal with all these items so keep your eyes peeled!

We were invited to the special press event by Gigabyte, so today’s coverage is going to be 100% on what they’ve launched. Most of it has been uploaded to our IG stories, but here are the juicy details to recap.

Gigabyte’s Press Event was held at the prestigious Taipei 101, in between Burberry and Dior. Leave the WAGS outside 🙂

There was copious amounts of food and beverages but we won’t cover that here – safe to say our stomach’s were extremely pleased. Right next to the food hall, the latest X570 boards were in all their full glory. They were arranged from over-engineered to basic boards, and as with most other brands, we can see a cute fan cooling the chipset. The king of the hill is none other than the Extreme board. The interesting thing to note is that their highest tier board DOESN’T come with the cute cooling fan, as it has something slicker – heatsinks that span the entirety of the board, ensuring that it remains cool even when pushed to the limit.

The small cute fan looks small on the ATX boards, but when placed on the ITX board, it takes up 25% of the space. Also, does it double up as an SSD cooler? I’ll have to check with Gigabyte on that one tomorrow.

Once you move away from the motherboard area, you enter the main stage where we’re greeted by pulsating neon lights and loud music. It’s pretty interesting to note that AORUS is a pretty new branding direction, but already seems to be pretty successful in embedding itself in people’s minds, the same way ASUS has its ROG line.

It’s also pretty cool to see how tight a relationship Gigabyte has with AMD, bringing up 2 of its execs on stage to go through some of the benefits of the new chipset and CPUs. In a word – amazing. The amount of PCIe lanes, bandwidth and throughput the new platform supports is incredible. Maybe not of use for the general man on the street, but for content creators, video editors and enthusiasts, it’s truly a great time to be alive.

They announced the world’s first direct 16 phase VRM, which, get this, actually helps lowers temperatures of the components by removing the use of doublers. This makes it incredibly power efficient. If your power delivery knowledge is a little rusty, quickly read up on VRMs and power delivery here.

They next talked about next gen SSDs and their partnership with PHISON. Thanks to PHISON, they were able to make a controller to take advantage of the immense throughput of PCIe 4.0, creating the fastest SSD in the world today. Of course, to cool the SSD sufficiently enough for it to perform the way it should, a dedicated heatsink has been created from copper to cool the beast.

Finally, once the presentations were all over, Gigabyte surprised everyone by making everything that was covered in the presentation available for press to get their hands on. This is definitely a nice touch as usually announcements are just that, announcements.  All in all a pretty solid launch from Gigabyte and AMD – we can’t wait to get our hands on the boards and chips once they are officially available!

With that, we’ve come to the end of coverage of Gigabyte’s press event – we had a lot of fun! A big shout out to Gigabyte for inviting us down! We’ll be stopping by the booth at COMPUTEX itself tomorrow to check out what else they have in store. On a fun note, there were two swag bags given out – lesser mortals received the items on the left, which comprises of a Tee, lanyard, stickers and a drawstring bag. Demi Gods receive the items on the right, which consists of a kickass windbreaker, a bucket cap (millennials rejoice), lanyard, stickers and sadly no bag. Maybe we should give these away to you guys – what do you think?

If you want us to check out anything in particular – drop us an email or slide into our DMs, we don’t mind either!