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Dreamcore @ Computex 2019 Taipei Day 3

Hello again from Computex 2019 Taipei, and a big thank you to all the new Dreamcore owners back in Singapore! We are running crazy discounts and promotions back at the PC SHOW 2019 at MBS, booth 8005, so if you’re in the area be sure to check us out!

Today we stopped by the MSI both to cover their products. Below you’ll see the new AM4 X570 GODLIKE board, which basically has a fully connected heatpipe spanning across the VRMs, M.2 slots and chipset, allowing it to be cooled by the small fan.

They also had special anniversary boards in gold, which i must say looks pretty nice compared to the usual silver options. They also had special edition Lightning cards on display, and even one in pink.

We then headed over to our friends at Asrock where they had a beautiful wall of motherboards – this is a great way to see their entire product line in the flesh.

The Zotac booth had a small competition going on, but we were more interested in their Mek series. The small form factor Mek is astoundingly small, but similar to our Dreamcore One, I believe it requires an external power brick to run. Or two.

The Galax booth was pretty small, but it had a ton of cool stuff packed into it. Below you can see a prototype external GPU for laptops. It’s meant to be air cooled, but for the show they made a special one using 3M Novec fluid to cool the entire card.

They also had a prototype GPU on display, with some special RGB lights – I honestly can’t tell one RGB from another at the time of this writing – there’s just too much RGB in the world right now. Do you also see the Galax motherboard? Apparently it’s been on sale for over a year now, but only in the China market. Do you want to see this in Singapore? We can definitely make that happen.

Last but not least, we have some custom piggy’s in the form of a PC:

This has got to be the best mod I’ve seen the entire show.

Thanks for all your comments and DMs, we’ll try to cover as much as we can based on your requests – we’ll see you tomorrow.


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