May 15, 2018

BADABING, Dreamcore’s New Ambassador

In line with our initiative to support local talent, we’re excited to introduce our new ambassador, Amanda a.k.a. BADABING!

Badabing - Dreamcore's new ambassador

Why is Dreamcore signing BADABING?

We’ve always wanted to support Singaporean gamers, and having Amanda as our ambassador aids us in our mission.

As our ambassador, Amanda connects Dreamcore to other local gamers and gaming organizations, growing the Dreamcore spirit of change, uniqueness and audaciousness.

BADABING's gaming and streaming PC featuring her custom DotA 2 decal

BADABING streams on Twitch, and more

Amanda mainly streams Dota2 where she excels in the Offlane. Apart from that, she also streams PUBG, alongside occasional horror and indie games.

As a Twitch partner, she streams every Tuesday & Thursday at 8pm, and on Friday at 10pm. You can check all that out here. If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to spot her Scottish Fold kitten (Stormie) in the background!

Apart from gaming, Amanda embodies a strong creative element — she hand-draws the emotes on her Twitch channel and those of other streamers as well. Amanda is also a special effects and makeup artist, and you can check out some of her work on Instagram.

BADABING's gaming and streaming PC

Her battlestation

We wanted to make Amanda’s battlestation unique to her personality, so we sat down with her and over the course of a couple of months, came up with a design that eventually materialized into the beautiful custom decals you see on the chassis.

She currently rocks a custom Dreamcore Alpha with the AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, 16GB DDR4 memory and a GTX 1080 GB GDDR5X.

CPU – AMD Ryzen 7 1700X

Here’s why we picked the 1700X for Amanda — in addition to in-game loads, broadcasting software (like Open Broadcaster Software) has to capture, encode and then broadcast (stream) to Twitch, and these are CPU-intensive processes.

The 1700 would have worked just fine with an overclock, but we happened to have a 1700X lying around and well, you know, the X just makes it sound more impressive. The 2700 would have worked great as well, but it wasn’t available when we configured Amanda’s battlestation.

Badabing's gaming and streaming PC


We would have loved 32GB RAM (the more the merrier, right?) but we wanted to drive home a point — RAM is easily upgradeable, and you should always start by populating half the number of available memory slots to make an acceptable amount of RAM.

First — having 2 sticks instead of 1 allows you to reap the benefits of dual-channel memory available on most modern ATX motherboards, and second — having 2 sticks instead of 4 allows you to leave slots available for upgrade in future.

Starting with something like 16GB (2 x 8GB), and later upgrading to 32GB (4 x 8GB) if heavier workloads are involved makes more sense.


The GTX 1080 was a no-brainer — for gaming at 1080p with a 144Hz display, the GTX 1080 pushes frames out as rapidly as Joseph Schooling swims his 100m-butterfly. Can it run Crysis? You bet it can.

BADABING's gaming and streaming PC

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