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The Essential Battlestation

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The Essential Battlestation

The Ghost 2022 stays true to its form as your essential battlestation. It is housed in a compact chassis capable of supporting up to mATX motherboards and a considerable assortment of component configurations. With the Ghost, we've distilled what's essential to an eSports-ready custom PC and packaged it into something out of this world.

Built different

The Ghost comes in a brand new high-quality chassis, featuring a sleek, minimalistic design. An all-steel frame encompasses the Ghost, safely housing and protecting your components. The Ghost features a swivel-out tempered glass panel that allows for easy access to your components for cleaning - this also serves as a showcase window for you to flex your dream PC!

Stay against the current

Each Ghost ships with a super-fine mesh front panel, providing enhanced thermal performance to almost any component configuration. Despite being a compact chassis, the Ghost is equipped with three front-mounted and one rear-mounted 120mm ARGB fans, ensuring exceptional cooling through ample positive-pressure airflow.

The Essential Battlestation

Take the stage with the Ghost

Make your presence known

Your Ghost's four 120mm ARGB fans are supported by an included lighting controller are connected to an easy-access button on the chassis. Make your presence known - control your light show right out of the box with a single push of a button. Enjoy more granular control when you manage your fans' RGB through your motherboard ARGB software.

Maintenance made simple

Much like its tempered glass side panel, the Ghost's super-fine mesh front panel is attached with the use of strong magnets. This allows for unbelievably easy cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter most.

Chilled to the core

The Ghost is compatible with a wide range of CPU cooling solutions - from air cooling to liquid cooling. Stay frosty with up to 240mm radiator AIO liquid coolers like the beautiful Dreamcore Nebula 240, or blow away the competition with tower-style air cooling heatsinks up to 161mm.

The Essential Battlestation

Take the stage with the Ghost

World-class components

Power your build with the latest and greatest graphics cards on the planet - be it from NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon. From 1080p to 4K, enjoy the latest graphics card technologies such as Ray Tracing to spice up your gaming experience. Pair that with the most powerful Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen 9 processors for the ultimate custom PC experience.

A partnership that lasts

Equip your Ghost with the best hardware the world has to offer. The Ghost's range of curated components come from the world's best manufacturers, ensuring that your experience is reliable as it is fuss-free.

The Essential Battlestation

Take the stage with the Ghost

Play hard, rest easy

With Dreamcore’s comprehensive 3 year warranty (first year on-site) and lifetime phone/chat support, we’ll handle the awful, so you can focus on being awesome.

Built with love, tested with rigor

Every crafted Dreamcore custom PC goes through an extensive series of multitasking benchmarks, along with task-specific burn-in stress tests. We put your custom PC through the fire, ensuring that it’s virtually indestructible.

Service second to none

Chat with us online, or visit our showroom! We’re happy to help with any questions you may have—pleasant experience guaranteed!


Dreamcore Ghost Chassis

External Dimensions:
42.5cm x 21cm x 40.5cm
(Height x Width x Depth)

Key Chassis Features

Primary Materials: Steel
Finish: Black / White

– Tempered glass side panel
– Fine mesh front panel, magnetically attached
– Roof and PSU dust filters

Front I/O Ports

– 2 x USB 3.0
– 1 x USB 2.0
– 1 x Audio out
– 1 x Mic in
– LED control button
– Power button

What's in the box?

– Dreamcore Ghost Custom Desktop PC
– Power Adapter
– Authentic Windows 10 Key (if applicable)
– Completed Stress-Test and Benchmark Checklist
– Quick Start and Warranty Guide


Each Dreamcore Ghost comes with:
– 3 years parts and service warranty with first-year onsite
– Lifetime basic servicing plan (includes cleaning and thermal paste application)


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Configure your Ghost today

Configure from scratch

Tailor every aspect of your Ghost exactly to your needs with our curated range of customisable quality components.

Starting Configuration:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
16GB DDR4-3600MHz
AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT

As configured:


Recommended Ghost (AMD)

Trim the fat and focus on performance. The Ghost is the perfect essential battlestation – achieve victory today with our recommended configuration featuring AMD desktop processors.

Starting Configuration:
AMD Ryzen 5 5600
16GB DDR4-3600MHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060

As configured:


Recommended Ghost (Intel)

Trim the fat and focus on performance. The Ghost is the perfect essential battlestation – stay ahead of the curve today with Intel’s next-gen processors.

Starting Configuration:
Intel Core i5-13600KF
16GB DDR4-3600MHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060

As configured:

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  • 3 years parts and service, 1st year on-site warranty

  • Free lifetime technical support