Each Reverie Pro is powered by Intel’s latest 7th Generation Kabylake or Skylake-X, or AMD’s RYZEN or Threadripper CPUs. Unlock your workstation potential with more power and more cores.

Advanced Graphics

Each Reverie Pro is packed with advanced desktop graphics to take on the most demanding render workloads or play the latest AAA game titles. Have your say with the latest from either AMD or Nvidia, up to 4 x Titan Xp in Quad SLI.

Blazing Fast Storage

We believe in absurdly fast storage, and that’s why EVERY Dreamcore comes loaded with an SSD. Get up to 540MBps read and 520MBps write speeds. We want your games and software to wait for you, not the other way around.

High Speed DDR4 Memory

What else makes your PC quick on its feet? Blistering DDR4 memory. Dreamcore uses the latest DDR4 memory to ensure you can push your system to its limits. Open multiple browser tabs, watch YouTube and play games all at the same time with no slow down.

Advanced OS

Each Dreamcore features Microsoft’s most advanced Operating System to date – Windows 10. W10 provides advanced built in security, powerful apps and software for boosting productivity. It also redefines gaming with the launch of DirectX 12.

Multi Point Testing

Each Dreamcore is stress tested using our proprietary multi-point testing methodology. This not only ensures that the products we ship out the door are of high quality, but it also ensures that the components we pick complement each other to create the best Small Form Factor system ever made.

400Depth (MM)
450Height (MM)
210Width (MM)
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