Dreamcore | Tier 6 Dream Build *May Special Edition*

Our Tier 6 Dream Build features the Intel Core i7-9700KF, an 8 core and 8 thread processor that’s favored for its reliable high-performance computing power; paired with the RTX 2070 Super, a mid-to-high tier graphics card that’ll ensure solid performance at 1440P.

On top of that, the Tier 6 will come with 16GB Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-3200MHz RAM, our blistering fast Dreamcore 1TB NVME SSD, a ID-Cooling 240MM RGB AIO CPU Cooler, with four 120MM ARGB fans for epic airflow.

This tier is perfect for gamers who want excellent performance at 1440P, and a decent entry-level 4K gaming experience.

1440P Performance (Ultra Settings)
• Overwatch – 143 FPS
• GTA V – 90 FPS
• CS:GO – 316 FPS
• Fortnite – 87 FPS
• PUBG – 83 FPS
• MHW – 77 FPS

Starting Configuration:
○ Intel Core i7-9700KF
○ MSI Z390M Mortar
○ ID-Cooling Auraflow X240 240mm RGB AIO CPU Cooler

○ 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200MHz Ultra-fast Performance Memory
○ MSI RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC 8GB
○ 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD R:3500 W:2900
○ 4 x Addressable RGB (ARGB) Fans
○ Optional Wi-Fi Upgrade Available
○ 600/650W 80Plus PSU
○ Dreamcore Ghost Stealth Edition Chassis

*Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only, your product may look different depending on your configuration!

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