Pushing Boundaries: The Dream
Our Origins

Dreamcore was born from the idea that the PC could be small, powerful and beautiful. Most importantly, it had to be fully customizable, to provide an upgrade path for our customers in the future.

After spending many months of testing, trial and error and research, we got in touch with Joshua Sniffen, an amazing designer from the US, and today we’re proud to offer Singapore’s smallest, fully customizable PC. This gives our customers immense control – no soldered ram, custom motherboards or proprietary MXM cards to worry about. Upgrading should never be about buying an entirely new system every 5 years.

On Boundaries

Custom PC shops are a dime a dozen, with all custom builds ending up looking exactly the same. We didn’t want to set up just another custom PC shop. Combining our background in technology and leveraging design, we hope to continue pushing the boundaries and challenging the norm.

The Team

A small group of like minded tech enthusiasts make up the foundation of Dreamcore. Add to that the support of friends and family, and you get The Dream Team! We’re excited to hear your feedback and comments. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to drop us an email at hello@dreamcore.com.sg